Gnu / Adam Nenadal - by e-mail april 2004

Before speaking about music, i would like to know your opinion about
your country, its economical and political situation. Is it a country where
life is "easy" (moreover since the fall of the communism)? Is Czech Rep. get
into a occidental way of life or the country keep a strong (cultural)

Life in Czech Rep. is definitely better after the fall of communism. You
know, there are lot of young people who are strictly left-orientated and
they say that it´s a capitalistic bullshit that we live in, but they don´t
remember the pressure and the total lack of justice in the communistic mess.
I am not a big fan of capitalistic way of living, you know - and in the
music I try to work on non-profit basis, but I am free to do whatever I want
to do. And that´s the difference. I have one advice for all those young
people who can remember the phrases from Marx or Engels: try to read the
autobiography of Ivan Martin Jirous. He´s one of the greatest Czech poets
and the unbroken spirit of Plastic People Of The Universe, the greatest
Czech underground band of 60´s and 70´s. Those people spent many years in
jail just because they play their music!!! If all those lefty-orientated
youth hardcore bands played their music before 1989 and say the things
against the system like they do now, they would end up in jail as well...
But I have nothing personal against youth people who are left-orientated. I
just wish that they knew all the parts of history. History isn´t black or
white, it is far more complicated...

Were you too young during the communisme period or do you remind
something about that time, what kind of things do you keep on mind from this period?

You were under the pressure from the childhood. When you came to the
high-school, you were told that the only way to get to the college is to
become a member of "SSM" - communistic organization for youth. You couldn´t
study the college and NOT to be a member of SSM. You couldn´t travel and see
other countries, one neighbor was the secret police spy to another, everyone
lived in fear to speak up their minds... There were no good books, no good
music, nothing. When I see some movies from that period with that cold
atmosphere, it still gives me the creep.

Can you talk about the beginning of GNU. I remind me the first time
I've heard about Gnu was with Tschepitz from Lvmen. He was talking to me about
a band who does very good music but the band was thinking the contrary.!!!!

Firts of all, we are Gnu, not GNU. This band started in the fall of 1991,
and from the spring of 1992, we have this line-up which reamins the same
until these days. This is for me the best part of Gnu - that we have been
together for such a long time. We know each other musically and personally.
Well, you know, it´s not like "brotherhood" after all those years, it´s more
like "marriage", but me personally - I have beautiful marriage, so what? And
about Tschepitz - we always trusted our music. That kept us going, that was
our fuel. We had strong faith in what we do. Always, always. In some periods
it was the only thing that left for us... But I think that I know what
Tschepitz meant. We knew that Gnu is not some ordinary band and that was
important for us to know this. But we did not have energy and time to
promote it, to tour, to play more often... so maybe this is it. Music was
for us ALWAYS the most important thing - not the tours, the promotion
things... so maybe Tschepitz thought that we didn´t believe in ourselves.
Anyway, I love Tschepitz to death, I would do anything for this guy.

Any specifics reasons that you play with 2 bass?

Not really. We were friends in the school before we started the band and we
all wanted to be in the band. So the easiest way is to learn how to play
bass. Everyone can play bass.

Generally speaking, bands/music from Amphetamine Reptile records was a
big influence on Gnu's music when you start the band?

Yes, no doubt about it. I still remember the feeling when I hear "Dope Guns and Fucking in the Streets vol. 1-3". I thought to myself - whooooa, this is far better than punk or hardcore, I can do that too!!! So I did, hehehe.... And to these days, I still think that TAR´s "Jackson" is the best rock record of all time.

About Gnu, do you care a lot about your band, would like to improve the band (more records, more shows, tours, outside Czech rep. etc..) or is it
just for "fun"?

I have already answered. We ALWAYS want to improve our music - that is the
main goal for us. It is the most important thing in the world - beside
love - THE MUSIC. We don´t feel that is necessary for our music to play more
often, we just want to sound better and better. But we LOVE playing live,
man, it´s really really strong sometimes. I don´t believe that the drugs can
be stronger than playing live the music you love. No way! And sure it´s fun
for us. We have a lot of fun. We don´t take ourselves too seriously, we are
just the bunch of total assholes playing together in the band. But we are
fucking serious about the music.

Musically, Gnu's music has changed a lot between both albums....

I think yes. Music comes to us very naturally. We don´t have to play for
hours to get one good idea. You now, we have been together for such a long
time so we know what we can expect from each other. So we let the music take
control. We are instruments, we are not musicians. We let the music to lead
us. It´s always big adventure and that´s what we like!

When I was in Czech rep., people talked to me about your lyrics. They
told me "it's very great lyrics, great poetry". Can you told us what are the
subjects of the lyrics, is it possible to get an english version?

I have english translations, everyone can contact me, I will send it, no
problem. But I don´t think that those english translations can express what
original version means. I don´t know. Like I said, music comes to us very
naturally, but I have to wok very hard on the words. Sometimes the song is
inished and I have to wait for long months for the right words... it is very
important to me, to feel the right words. VERY important. So I take my time
and work on it hard. I don´t know if I can say something about the subject
of the lyrics. This subject changes - it depends on the listener´s mind.
That´s what I like. The words are mine, but the subject belongs to the

I know as well that you are editor/journalist. Writing is important for
you? Would you like get more of your time in the writing processus...

Yes, I like this job. I am glad to have this one. I can make money which I
can use for my band and for my label.

You ve got your own label as well : Silver Rocket records. Did you create it before Gnu? Can you talk it more about this label.... what are your motivations etc....

Silver Rocket began in 1996, when Gnu was already well known. I always tried to use the "fame" of Gnu to let the people know that there is more great music coming from Silver Rocket - Lyssa, Esgmeq, OTK, Wollongong, Ememvoodoopoka... And the motivation was simple: to listen the vinyls of our favourite bands. We knew that the bands we like are too strange and too original even for the underground labels, so we create our own space. It´s more fun, we have total control of everything we do and we are responsible only to ourselves. Silver Rocket is a BIG part of my life,
BIG part of my idea how the relationship of frineds/artist should be. I love
it, it really satisfies me.

What's the story behind the split single with Love 666? how did you meet them?

It was pretty simple, we helped to set the 2 shows for them in Prague, because we all think this is one of the most amazing bands EVER. And they have a couple oh free hours during the day in Prague, so we managed the studio pretty quickly and recorded their tune, which is I think excellent. And Gnu just put their tune on the other side of this 7".

I was very curious about the Manara's drawning on the homepage of your website?! what does the drawning mean?

Bingo! We are all big fans of Manara, what can I say more? We love music, hockey, Manara, beer and lots of weird stuff. It doesn´t have any particular meaning. We just wanted to make fun of all those hard-nosed hardcore labels who take them too seriously.

Can you talk about the history of the czech musical scene. It was the
same evolution than the international music scene with the punk scene at the
end of the seventies then the hardcore scene, new wave etc... or the history of
Czech music is pretty different ?

It´s a little bit different because of the communistic censorship. Only few
people knew that there were some independent music or some evolution in the
music generally speaking. But there were some great Czech bands anyway. But
it also had one positive effect - Czech independent music scene isn´t very
trendy or stylish - we had no one to compare with and maybe this aspect
stayed. Of course there are a lot of wannabe´s and posers, but really good
Czech bands are far better than US bands I think. I think OTK is simply
sensational, excellent band... if they would release on Touch and Go, they
would be world greatest stars! OTK is one of the best bands in the world,
that´s for sure. And I think that is same in the France - I think that
Moller-Plesset are far better than 95% of US bands who come to tour Europe
and their tour is success only because they are American bands... I think
Czech and France independent music scene have a lot in common.

I feel that, in spite of the american musical influence, the Czech
rep. is apart, you keep your own identity. What do you think?

Yes, I have already answered higher. It´s the same in the France, isn´t it?
But sometimes people in Czech Rep. don´t really believe in themselves, they
have very little of self-respect (because that´s what communists wanted!) so
they don´t trust that the Czech bands could be great... But it will change

Is it easy to release records, to make shows, tours etc in Czech rep.?

I think you can´t make money like - for example - in Germany, but yes, I
think this is exactly the same like in other countries. Maybe even better,
beacuse people in Czech Rep. can be really cool and they can sacrifice
something for the music.

Are there many labels in Czech rep? the underground scene is very active.?

Yes. There is a lot of hardcore / punk labels and everything. And I must say
that there is a very good level of cooperation. My favourite labels are
Minority Records from Prague and Free Dimension Records from Tabor.

What are the Czech bands who had/have a big infleunce on the other ones?

I think definitely Michael´s Uncle. The greatest Czech band ever. The
stopped playing music in the middle 90´s, but what they did was something
that I will never forget. Totally original. Mind-blowing, great lyrics,
everything. They lived what they sang about. I have never seen something so
authentic until Esgmeq came...

What do you mean by "I have never seen something so authentic until Esgmeq came..." ?

If rock´n´roll wasn´t invited, the members of Esgmeq would be dead now. No bullshit. The music keeps them alive. They are from Cheb, it´s the bordertown, lots of crime, alcohol, whores, drugs... and they are in the middle of it. And they are RAW, their music is authentic and RAW. I alway must laugh, when I hear bands like The Hives... they want to be dirty, but they are not. They are just a bunch of well raised guys from well situated families who think that play rock´n´roll. I always laugh and think about Esgmeq. They ARE rock´n´roll, man...

What are your projects now? new records? tour (in France!)?

We have 4 more new songs, and I think that they sound very good. We don´t have any plans for anything now... we just want to make couple of more new songs. I love making music.

what are your 5 czech preferate bands ever?
5 preferate bands generally speaking?!

Five Czech bands
Michael´s Uncle
Mad - House Chicago I.R.A.A.

Generally speaking
Big Black
New Model Army
Killing Joke


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